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Custom Window Treatments

Need Custom Drapes? We’ve Got Your Windows Covered!

Struggling to find the best window treatment solution for your home? Interiors By Francesca is here to help. We offer a wide variety of custom shades, valances, and drapery that not only looks amazing but will also be incredibly functional and energy efficient.

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Want to lower your electric bill?
Shades are the way to go

We offer many different styles of shades that offer energy efficiency. During the hot summer months styles such as cellular honeycomb shades and designer solar shades will absorb that heat and keep it out of your room. In the winter time they do the opposite by blocking the cold air and keeping the heat inside your home. Shades also protect against harmful UV rays. UV rays as we know can be damaging to our skin but they can also fade your furniture and flooring. Shades will help prevent fading to your beautiful furniture and flooring.

Custom drapery adds that finishing touch that every room needs to turn it from drab to fab! Drapery no doubt looks beautiful but it is also incredibly functional. I often hear clients say that they don’t want to cover their windows and like their view. We can install beautiful drapes that will not obstruct your view and enhance the beautiful architecture of your room. Drapery controls light, temperature and something everyone always forgets, sound. If you have a large cavernous room the best solution to take that echo away is to add long dramatic drapes. The drapes will absorb that sound and take the echo away creating a cozy atmosphere for you and your family.

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Do you have a tricky window to cover?

You think to yourself there is no way to cover this window! No worries! Interiors By Francesca specializes in developing custom solutions to fit every kind of window. We deliver the finest craftsmanship, making sure every stitch is perfect. Here at Interiors By Francesca we offer a large variety of fabric options at all budgets. In addition to custom window treatments we also offer custom bedding, bench and seat cushions, throw pillows and table linens to make your home reflect you.

We offer window coverings at all budgets to give you that energy efficient, beautiful look you've always wanted.

We make the process easy from start to finish. No need to provide measurements or worry about which solution is best. We are experts and are here to do all of that for you. Our professionals will come to your home and access your windows and take measurements. Next we will present to you all the selections we have made for your shades and drapery. We then have our licensed professionals install your drapery and shades.

Window treatments and shades have come a long way over the years. You can now control your window treatments with a push of a button. We offer high-tech motorization for all shades and even drapery. You can even control your window treatments from your phone! This includes being away from your home. Let’s say you leave your home for vacation and forget to shut all the shades. Don’t stress! One click on your phone and your shades are down.

Don’t compromise and buy ready made window treatments. They will never fit exactly and are often poor quality, leaving you to replace them every few years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We offer many different shades to choose from. We carry Hunter Douglas and Graber shades as well as custom. All shades are available in a variety of fabrics and are custom fitted to your windows. The mechanisms available for the shades are cordless, corded loop and motorized.

There are many benefits to having window treatments throughout your home. Window treatments and shades allow you to control the amount of natural light that comes into your home. This provides comfort and energy efficiency. In the winter time they will act as an insulator and help keep your heat in and in the summer will help to keep the heat out. You will notice a difference in your energy bill once window treatments are installed and used properly. Shades also help protect against harmful UV rays. Think of shades as the sunscreen to your home. The UV rays as we know can damage our skin but over time they can also fade wood flooring and furniture.

Ready made window treatments off a quick and easy solution to your space. However, It is very rare to find a ready made window treatment that is the exact measurements to your window. By installing drapery panels or shades that are the wrong size, your room will not look proportionate and this really cheapens the look of everything in your room. Custom drapery panels, valances and shades when measured correctly will enhance the look to any room. They add that extra layer of coziness and really complete the look of your space.

This is another great benefit to having window treatments. Fabric absorbs sound. This is why movie theaters and recording studios have fabric covered walls and ceilings. The same goes for your home. When you add furniture and rugs to your room and it isn’t enough, window treatments are the solution. If you have high ceilings and install your drapery panels higher, this will help the acoustics tremendously and take that echo away.

Custom window treatments do come with a cost however the benefits outweigh that cost tremendously. Cheaper solutions are just going to break or rip leading you to replacing them every few years. By the time you add up all that money and energy you spent replacing your window treatments every few years, you’d realize that you would have actually saved money if you just did it correctly the first time. Cheaper window treatments are also not going to have as many energy efficient qualities. Overall having the proper window treatment solution for your room will only benefit you and your family for years to come.

The answer is yes! Even if you have an entire home of window treatments to install, our installers can get the job done. Our professional insured installers want nothing more than a happy client. Not only will they install your shades and drapery, they will take their time and steam them to ensure no wrinkles and that they hang properly. They will remove any packaging and leave your home as clean as when they came in. We take pride in our professionalism.

There are many variables to determine the time it will take to make custom draperies. The workroom’s backlog, if the fabric and hardware are in stock and the schedule of the installer are all factors in timing. With that said a good estimate is 4-8 weeks. We do our best at keeping our clients up to date with the status of your order as time progresses.
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