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Let Interiors By Francesca enhance your room’s style by adding a unique wallcovering. Our premium library of wallpapers ranges from natural to metallic, casual to formal, traditional to modern, and residential to commercial. Let us elevate the style of your home.

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We are experts at providing affordable home wallpaper solutions to give you a one of a kind look to your home. Here’s the truth about wallpaper, with proper preparation, it’s easy to apply and remove. It’s not as scary as everyone thinks. Take a chance! Be bold! We promise to deliver a personalized look just for you. Wallpaper adds that extra layer of coziness and completion to any room. We offer a variety of different wallpapers. Our extensive library has non-woven, vinyl, grasscloth, cork, performance, flocked, linen, murals and fire rated commercial use papers to select from.

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The perfect place to try out wallpaper would be a powder room. Often this tends to be a very small space with no windows. This type of space makes it difficult to add color and pattern. Wallpaper becomes the perfect solution to add a big punch of color and pattern into a boring space.

Interiors By Francesca makes this process easier than ever. From buying to installing we make this a stress free process every step of the way.

Wallpaper Can Be Very Challenging

And when we say challenging, we mean trying to calculate the correct amount of paper. Calculating the correct amount of square feet or square yards can be very complicated. Clients frequently call us with their heads spinning with all elements to consider when making the proper calculations. Is the paper European or American? Is the paper sold in bolts, single or double rolls? What is the pattern repeat? Is it a straight match? Or a half drop match? How many square feet of paper do you need to cover? How many square feet is your wall space? Why try to answer these tough questions when our licenced installers can do it all for you? Our expert installers will make a trip to your home to calculate the correct amount of paper needed for your room. They will then prep your walls accordingly and install the paper.

Our clients are amazed with the endless design possibilities. We are experts at selecting the best option to match your vision for your room.

Not only do we help make the perfect selection, we also ensure that the installation is flawless. Let Interiors By Francesca take your wallpaper stress away and let us turn your lifeless walls into a stunning work of art.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The most important part of installing wallpaper is the prep work. The walls must be primed with a specific primer called sizing. Once that is done you need to put a level on the wall and draw a level vertical line. You will line up the first piece of paper with this line. Then you need to brush or roll wallpaper paste on to the backside of the paper. One you touch the paper to the wall, you get it in place and get all the air bubbles out. The paste will squish out on the sides, which is ok, just wipe with a wet sponge. Line up the pattern with the next piece and repeat.

In certain cases it can be difficult to remove and that would mostly be in much older homes. However there are a few solutions to getting it off the walls. If you have an older home, like many of the houses we have in New England, with multiple layers of paper on the walls the best way to remove it is by steaming. You can purchase or rent a steamer from a home improvement store. Once you let the steamer sit on the paper for a few seconds you will see it lift and the paste loosen up. A putty knife will easily get the trick done. If the paper was put up in a newer home, it most likely was applied correctly and will be much easier to remove. This is why sizing the wall is so important, it makes the removal easy. You can of course use the steaming method or you can use a wallpaper remover spray. First you score the walls with a scoring tool and then spray on the solution. After letting the solution soak in, use your putty knife and start scraping. The last step is to sponge off any remaining residue from the walls and your done!

There are many, many different kinds of wallpaper. The most common are non-woven and vinyl. Non-woven wallpapers are best in areas with no moisture, such as a bedroom, dining or living room. Vinyl is waterproof, highly durable and washable making it a perfect choice for kitchens and bathrooms. In addition the other types include, flocked, cork, metallic and grasscloth. These specialty papers require an expert installer. Specialty papers often have different application methods and different paste.

Yes! Interiors by Francesca has a large library of wallpapers from many different sources. We will also order you samples to take home and view in your space, This is highly recommended.

First you need to determine how your wallpaper is sold, in double rolls or by the bolt. Double rolls tend to be produced in the US (in inches) and bolts (in centimeters) in the UK. You need to figure out the square footage of the walls you are going to apply the paper to. Then you need to calculate how many square feet are in each roll. Divide your wall square footage by the roll square footage and you will have the amount of rolls needed. You need to remember to account for a pattern repeat. If you have a large pattern, you will need more rolls. I know this is super confusing but don't worry our highly skilled wallpaper installer can calculate it for your job.
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