Floor Planning

Floor Planning

Just move? Inherit family heirlooms? Wondering how to make it all fit?

Do you have a hard time visualizing something different in your space? Don't worry, We specialize in space utilization and are here for you every step of the way. We offer 2D and 3D planning for new or existing furniture. This is the best way to insure your room will turn out the way you want it, and help avoid making costly mistakes.

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Interactive 3D Floor Planning

Eliminate confusion with our professional 3D floor planning. This is a custom designed representation of your space to help you get a better understanding of how your new space is going to look.

Stylish, Elegant and Captivating Design Awaits You

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Want a Birds Eye View of your home’s layout?

Interiors By Francesca is an accomplished luxury Interior Design firm that effortlessly outlines floor planning with precision and efficacy. This is an essential element in the designing process. We conceptualize tailor-made and interactive floor plans to fit every client's needs. Function is the first and foremost important component of a well laid out space. We take into account how you utilize your space and how you move through your space. Our goal is for you to be completely satisfied with your home and take the stress away.

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Did you just move into a new home and don’t know how to make your existing furniture fit? Or inherit family heirlooms that you don’t know where to put? We offer 2D and 3D planning for all your planning needs, whether it's for new furniture or furniture that you already have. 2D design shows us the big picture of your home's blueprint. This will help you visualize and understand where everything belongs and the amount of space you have. 3D renderings offer a realistic view of what your new space will look like.

We strive to give you the transformation of your home that you have always envisioned. We take pride in helping you achieve your dream home by creating 2D and 3D plans to reflect reality with desired ambiance, style and functionality that you anticipate. This is one of the best ways to ensure that your room will turn out the way that you want it, and help to avoid making costly errors.

We revamp your spaces by combining your vision with our knowledge and technology. Let us put your mind at ease by presenting high quality floor plans with confidence. Interiors By Francesca is a trusted platform for affordable and outstanding Interior Design services.

Get visually engaging, personalized floor plans with the perfect layout to elevate the functionality and design of your home in minutes.

Bring your ideas to life with State of the Art Floor Planning Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

We keep our prices affordable. However, the cost varies from client to client depending on the project size and scope of the project. One fee doesn’t fit all. The fee is calculated by how many hours it takes to complete the plan. 2D plans can be created in a few hours while 3D plans can take days to complete.

Our expert designers create a blueprint of your structure to scale based on accurate measurements to provide a clear visualization in great detail. Advanced software and techniques are used to depict the layouts with furniture and accessories. These are close representations of colors and materials but will never be exact.

The duration of each project varies. Each client will have different requirements and project sizes. Usually it will take a few days to produce one room. That being said it can take weeks to do multiple rooms or an entire house.

If you redoing a room having a professional floor plan drawn up is in your best interest. It will help you visualize and understand spacing requirements for your room. This is the most efficient way to make sure every element fits just the way you want it. It also prevents making costly mistakes.

The 3D plans will be an exact replica of your room and what will be inside it. This will include furniture, lighting, rugs, accessories, paint color, and window treatments. This will help you understand your room spatially and the new design elements that we will be implementing.

The plans will be available for you to keep after purchase. Pricing will be based on how many hours it takes to complete.
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