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Planning to replace your old worn-out furniture?

Wait! Interiors By Francesca can transform your old upholstery into a new beautiful piece. We welcome and treat projects of any size with modern aesthetics and a plethora of fabric options to bring your beloved furniture back to life.

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Furniture reupholstery with the masterful touch of our skilled craftsmen rejuvenates your family heirlooms to the beauty they once were. Our professionals provide superb quality with their extensive knowledge and skill. We promote the use of reupholstery as it is a way to protect your family heirlooms and makes them viable for many generations to come.

From recovering to new cushion inserts we committedly work on your well loved furniture pieces to update them to fit into your decor. With unwavering dedication, artful proficiency, knowledge of fabrics and furniture construction we embark on a restoration journey to ensure your antique furniture will live on for ages.

In many cases clients have beautiful antiques but do not feel that they will fit in with the design of their home. At Interiors By Francesca we are experts at integrating those antiques fit into the design harmoniously. When you mix old and new you create the look of home. A home that is unique, personalized and filled with memories. That is the benefit of repurposing your family's cherished furniture.

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Reupholstery is such an amazing process

Our craftsmen are incredibly talented and take the greatest pride and care in working on your furniture. First and foremost the condition of your furniture needs to be assessed. Is it structurally sound? What is the condition of the cushions and padding? Does the frame need to be touched up? How many yards of material will be needed? These are questions we go over when considering reupholstering. The next step is the piece of furniture gets completely stripped. The old fabric gets removed, and is often used to create a pattern for the new fabric. Padded layers, nailhead trim and any other decorative details get taken off so only the frame remains. At this point the frame is assessed and reinforced to make it structurally sound. All new padding and cushions are created. Then the magic happens when the new fabric tightly is sewn into place. The piece of furniture you were about to throw away has just become your favorite conversation piece.

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One of Francesca’s favorite hobbies is rummaging through antique stores in search for the next great reupholstery project. So many amazing antiques are out there just waiting to be recovered! We have an extensive fabric library to make the perfect fabric choice. This includes high performance stain resistant fabric, linen, velvet, cotton, faux leather, vinyl, commercial fire rated fabric and indoor/outdoor fabric. Our fabric library also includes beautiful trims to get that perfect level of detail for your furniture. Depending on your needs we will help you in making the best fabric choice to enhance the look of your antique. We also offer different cushion densities to ensure the furniture is at the perfect comfort level for you.

We promise the highest quality of restoration by focusing on the internal and external components of your furniture. The mastery in reupholstery empowers us to help you rediscover the beauty in the furniture that you already have.

Our professionals revive the past while embracing the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You can get new inserts. Our reupholsterers will determine if your furniture piece needs new cushion inserts. If it does they will replace any or all cushions. There are many different types of cushions to choose from as well. You can choose a high density foam or feather blend in soft, medium or firm.

Sometimes. It depends on the size of the furniture and the price of the fabric you choose. For example, if you are recovering and replacing the seat on a dining chair that will definitely be less expensive than buying new. If you want to recover a standard size, 3 cushion sofa, the cost will be the same or more than buying new.

Reupholstery is a very labor intensive craft. It takes a very skilled craftsperson to get every detail and stitch right. They basically strip the old piece of furniture down to the bare bones and rebuild it. They will stabilize the frame if needed, replace all the batting and cushions. They make a custom pattern to perfectly sew into place. In some cases they will refinish or touch up the frame or legs. Then you have a beautiful “new” piece of furniture.

As described in the last answer the reupholstery process is complex. There are many variables in the process. The size of the piece of furniture, if the fabric is in stock and the reupholsterer's current workload are all factors in how long it will take. Based on that it will take 4-8 weeks to finish a job.

We carry hundreds and hundreds of fabrics, leathers and faux leathers to choose from. You will be able to see, touch and select the perfect fabric for your furniture. The fabric, leathers and faux leathers have a very wide range of prices but we will work within your budget.
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